heather galaxy (heathergalaxy) wrote in think_galactic,
heather galaxy

Programming Up! Preregistration ends July 1st! Plus, volunteer and save!

Hello everyone! Think Galacticon is nearly here!

I am happy to say that Think Galacticon 2011 programming is now up at http://tgcon3.thinkgalactic.org/programming/ .

July 1st is the LAST DAY TO PRE-REGISTER! If you don’t want to pay $55 at the door, register now! http://tgcon3.thinkgalactic.org/registration/

Now that programming is up, let us know if you would like to volunteer! We need help:

1. Setting up Friday night and Saturday and Sunday mornings
2. Taking stuff down every night
3. Setting up and taking down the Consuite
4. Help the Bazaar with table management

If any of these sound like things that you would like to help out doing, and feel like there are blocks of time you can tear yourself away from our programming, please email us with when and what you would volunteer for at info@thinkgalactic.org .

Volunteer refunds: Those who work 4 hours or more get $20 or half-off, which ever was lower. Being on panels counts as volunteering. There will be volunteer forms at the registration desk if you aren’t interested in signing up ahead of time.

We look forward to seeing you in two weeks!
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